Taking Wearable Tech to the Sporting Arena

Sept. 15, 2015
If you had any doubts about the market potential of wearable technology, think again; blogger Nadeesha Thewarapperuma writes about the newest in wearable technology and sports.

In a nod to the popularity and potential of wearable technology, blogger Nadeesha Thewarapperuma, of distributor EarthTron LLC, recently wrote about a new advancement by wearable technology company Wearable Experiments. The company is developing a sports jersey equipped with sensor technology that allows the wearer to experience the emotions of their favorite player during a game. The complex, and very cool, product is one more in a line of applications that is taking wearable technology to new heights.

“[Wearable Experiments (We:eX)] will take the meaning of the word 'fan' to a whole new level by introducing a jersey equipped with wearable technologies that makes you really feel what your favorite player is going through,” Thewarapperuma writes. “Did they just get tackled by the opposition? With the use of body sensors, now you can feel the impact of that action.”

Demand for sensors and related products for wearable technology applications is only going to grow. Researchers at Gartner said earlier this year that the total sensor market is growing at a compound annual rate of 40%, and that it is predicted to hit a whopping $10 billion by 2020.

Read more at distributor EarthTron LLC’s blog page.

Nadeesha Thewarapperuma is a marketing analyst at EarthTron LLC, a Portsmouth, New Hampshire-based independent distributor of electronic components. She can be reached at [email protected].

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