Supply Chain Connect | Waldom Electronics
Don Akery, CEO, Waldom Electronics

Executive Perspectives: Don Akery

June 17, 2024
What is being done on the sustainability front in the electronics distribution industry? In this episode, Don Akery, CEO of Waldom Electronics, shares the sustainability initiatives...
Supply Chain Connect | Mouser Electroncis
Pete Shopp | SVP Business Operations | Mouser Electronics

Executive Perspectives: Pete Shopp

June 10, 2024
In this Executive Perspectives episode, Pete Shopp, SVP of Business Operations at Mouser Electronics, shares insight into the driving factors behind the growth of the electronics...
Supply Chain Connect | DigiKey
ID EP Dave Doherty DigiKey

Executive Perspectives: Dave Doherty

June 3, 2024
Dave Doherty, President of DigiKey, discusses the evolving demand of design and procurement professionals and how distributors have adjusted to accommodate their needs. From technology...
Supply Chain Connect

Counterfeit Chronicles: Episode 5 – Critical Standards and Certifications for Combatting Counterfeits

May 28, 2024
In this episode of Innovation Destination Counterfeit Chronicles, we discuss the ins and outs of the most critical standards and certifications necessary to understand in order...
Supply Chain Connect

Quick Chat: 8 Things You Should Know About the Growing E-Waste Problem

May 13, 2024
As the global e-waste problem continues to accelerate, existing recycling programs can’t keep up with demand.
Supply Chain Connect | Exiger
ID EP Exiger

Executive Perspectives: Brandon Daniels

May 6, 2024
Brandon Daniels, CEO of Exiger, explains the necessary calculations organizations need to make in order to understand their procurement operations and how to build supply chain...
Supply Chain Connect

Counterfeit Chronicles: Episode 4 – Q1 2024 Counterfeit Activity Report

April 22, 2024
Counterfeiting is on the rise! Richard Smith reports on the ERAI data regarding counterfeiting for the first quarter of 2024 and the numbers show an increase in activity this ...
Supply Chain Connect | Tive
ID EP - Richie Daigle | Tive

Executive Perspectives: Richie Daigle

April 15, 2024
Visibility and awareness are desired attributes for all stakeholders throughout the supply chain. In this Executive Perspectives episode, Richie Daigle, Enterprise Account Executive...
Supply Chain Connect
Quick Chat: 5 Inventory Management Tips for Electronics Buyers

Quick Chat: 5 Inventory Management Tips for Electronics Buyers

April 8, 2024
Tips for electronics buyers to successfully balance their inventory.
Supply Chain Connect | Orbweaver
ID EP Orbweaver

Executive Perspectives: Tony Powell

April 1, 2024
What is digital transformation? What are the challenges—and successes—your business can expect from going through such a process? Tony Powell, the co-founder and Chief Technology...
Supply Chain Connect

Counterfeit Chronicles: Episode 3 – Tips & Tricks to Combat Counterfeits

March 25, 2024
How does your company combat counterfeit components? In Counterfeit Chronicles: Episode 3, we cover the tips and tricks you can use to successfully navigate the market and identify...
Supply Chain Connect | Breakthrough
ID EP Dave Tuttle

Executive Perspectives: Dave Tuttle

March 18, 2024
How are the booming technology trends like artificial intelligence and large language models impacting the supply chain? In this Executive Perspectives episode, Dave Tuttle, Vice...
Supply Chain Connect

Quick Chat: 5 Ways to Diversify Your Supplier Ecosystem

March 11, 2024
A new report highlights best practices that procurement teams can use to enhance their supplier diversity efforts.
Supply Chain Connect | A2 Global
ID EP Frank Cavallaro - A2 Global

Executive Perspectives: Frank Cavallaro

March 4, 2024
How did the semiconductor marketplace fare in 2023 and what is in store for 2024? Frank Cavallaro, CEO of A2 Global Electronics + Solutions, discusses the changes in supply and...

Counterfeit Chronicles: Episode 2 – The 2023 Counterfeit Activity Report

Feb. 26, 2024
This episode of Counterfeit Chronicles highlights the 2023 counterfeit activity across the electronics industry that was gathered and reported through ERAI. The numbers display...
Supply Chain Connect | Fusion Risk Management
ID EP Fusion Risk Management - Alex Toews

Executive Perspectives: Alex Toews

Feb. 19, 2024
The attacks in the Red Sea have been another seismic disruption to global trade and supply chain operations. Alex Toews, Senior Director of Product Management at Fusion Risk Management...

Quick Chat: 7 Things to Know About Predictive Procurement

Feb. 12, 2024
If your company isn’t already using predictive procurement, let this episode serve as a primer on the concept and how procurement departments are using it to improve efficiencies...
Supply Chain Connect | Optilogic
Don Hicks | Optilogic

Executive Perspectives: Donald Hicks

Feb. 5, 2024
Donald Hicks, Founder and CEO of Optilogic, joins to discuss the state of the supply chain industry and how now is the time to shift out of a ‘reactive’ mode and into a ‘proactive...