Supply Chain Shortage Update (.PDF Download)

Oct. 11, 2021
Q4 is here, and the pandemic-related supply chain shortages are still in full effect—and in some cases, worsening. Here’s an update and an outlook for the months ahead.

Supply chain woes have plagued companies, procurement professionals, transportation providers and logistics companies for much of the year and it doesn’t look like the challenges are going to fade anytime soon. And while some of the issues have ebbed and flowed—lumber and chicken wing shortages one month, followed by a dearth of ketchup and gas the following month—core problems like the semiconductor shortage have largely remained in place throughout the year.

“Right now, every single end market for semiconductors is up simultaneously; I’ve been in this industry 27 years, I’ve never seen that happen,” Marvell Technology’s CEO Matt Murphy said at a recent CNBC event. “If it stays business as usual, and everything’s up and to the right, this is going to be a very painful period, including in 2022 for the duration of the year.”

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