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2023 Salary & Career Trends - eBook

Welcome to the Supply Chain Connect 2023 Salary and Career Trends Survey, where we explore the top challenges, trends and opportunities that procurement professionals are managing...

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Supply Chain Technology

Waldom’s Excess Solutions for Manufacturers

Are Distributor returns and factory excess impacting your bottom line? Send it to Waldom and we will sell it on to our exclusive network of over 2,500 Distributors and split the...
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Who Is Waldom?

Waldom Electronics is a Master Distributor of both electronic and electrical components, selling exclusively to Distributors, never to OEMs or end-users.
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Supply Chain Technology

Digital Transformation: Working with Business Leaders

Wilmer Companioni, Director of Business Development sits down with Tony Powell, author and Co-Founder & CTO to discuss the critical impact of business process when implementing...


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How Sustainable Product Innovation is Changing the Game in Product Development

Understand the importance of sustainability in today's global marketplace and how it has now become a top priority for businesses across all industries.
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Unlocking the Power of DALI-2 Digital Dimming

Digital dimming has transformed lighting control by providing precision, adaptability, and energy efficiency. The DALI-2 protocol expands upon the widely adopted DALI standard...
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Briocean Technology Co., Ltd.

Briocean Technology Co., Ltd. 34th Floor , AVIC CENTER 1018 Huafu Road, Futian District, S.Z. G.D. CN., Shenzhen, China Web: Email: [email protected] Additional...
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Ample Solutions

Established in 2008, Ample Solutions is an independent electronic component distributor that offers global supply chain solutions to electronics manufacturers worldwide. Our ...