Emily Newton

Emily Newton

Emily Newton has eight years of creating logistics and supply chain articles under her belt. She loves helping people stay informed about industry trends. Her work in Supply Chain Connect, Global Trade Magazine and Parcel, showcases her ability to identify newsworthy stories. When Emily isn't writing, she enjoys building lego sets with her husband.

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Are Your Warehouses Ready for Peak Season? Prepare Now With 4 Essential Strategies

Warehouse peak season is here. Get ready for it with these valuable suggestions.
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126119576 Iurii Motov Dreamstime
Supply Chain Technology

Is Blockchain the Missing Link to More Sustainable Sourcing Practices?

Sustainable sourcing strategies are important but challenging to implement. Blockchain could provide the transparency necessary to change that.
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124449250 Pop Nukoonrat Dreamstime
Supply Chain Technology

7 Reasons Why Cloud-Based Management Is the Future of Logistics

Cloud-based management platforms are slowly becoming the norm for logistics companies. Here are seven reasons why.
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200607458 Sergii Petruk Dreamstime
Supply Chain Technology

5 Technologies That Boost Communication Between Food Distributors

Food distribution technology is becoming essential for the parties involved with getting consumable items to the correct locations. Here are some of the options that are increasingly...

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Supply Chain Technology

How Can Smart Warehouse Cooling Systems Enhance Product Quality and Safety?

Smart cooling systems are often seen as a way to reduce energy consumption, but they impact product quality and safety, too.
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Innovation Desination Article

Quick Chat: 5 Ways Digital Twins Improve Supply Chains

Supply chain digital twins offer virtual copies of real-world supply chains and can be used to improve logistics and procurement.
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Supply Chain Technology

Multi-location Inventory Management Strategies for Success

Managing inventories across multiple locations is challenging but provides resiliency when done right. Follow these six strategies to do so effectively.
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6423520 Okea Dreamstime
Supply Chain Technology

Revamp Your Warehouse Layout for Improved Supply Chain Management

Warehouse layouts may seem like a small factor but have a considerable impact on supply chain efficiency. Here’s how to optimize your warehouse layout.
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281817613 Oselotemai Dreamstime
Supply Chain Technology

How is AI Trailblazing a New Route in Supply Chain Management?

Artificial intelligence is overhauling traditional logistics operations. Its versatile applications and unique potential make it a staple in most industries. How is it transforming...
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232588557 Sergei Elagin Dreamstime
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4 Lessons from Walmart’s High-Tech Fulfillment Center

Walmart recently opened a high-tech fulfillment center in Arkansas. Read to learn more about it and what else the company has done to stay on the cutting edge.