Securing the Digital Supply Chain (.PDF Download)

Aug. 18, 2021
Here are some strategies that companies can use to keep their digital supply chains safe at a time when cyberattacks are up by 400%.

The latest big-name victim of what some have termed the “cyber-pandemic” made global headlines last week. This time, global consulting firm Accenture was the one caught in the crosshairs of what’s shaping up to be an extremely active year for cybercriminals. According to Verizon, cyberattacks have increased by 400% since before the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to CNN, the LockBit ransomware gang was threatening to publish Accenture’s encrypted files on the dark web unless the company paid the ransom. Ransomware has become a critical threat to national and economic security, CNN points out, amid a string of attacks against corporate and infrastructure targets. This year alone, DarkSide forced Colonial Pipeline to shut down its fuel distribution operation, and REvil attacked both JBS Foods and IT software vendor Kaseya.

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