How CPOs Can Help Build Organizational Agility (.PDF Download)

June 9, 2021
Deloitte’s 2021 Global CPO Survey highlights the steps that top-performing CPOs are taking to create more agile, resilient organizations this year.

Changing business dynamics and an increasingly complex business environment have become the norm for chief procurement officers (CPOs) whose actions help build more agile, resilient organizations. In its “2021 Global CPO Survey,” Deloitte highlights some of the key priorities that are topping CPOs’ “to do” lists this year, and says many of those priorities relate to agility in some form or fashion.

“COVID-19 affected almost every function in one way or another, and procurement has been no exception,” Deloitte states in a press release. “Leaders had to change strategies in an instant to adapt to the ‘next normal.’ But the change CPOs have had to endure and the associated layers of complexity were building up even before the pandemic struck. It isn’t just about cost savings and operational efficiency anymore.”

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