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EMS Firm Shares Keys to Success in the UK

April 27, 2017
Dynamic EMS has managed to secure itself in the UK electronics manufacturing market by investing in resources in the area, staying close to its customer base, and supplying end-to-end design and manufacturing services to OEMs.

While larger electrical manufacturing services (EMS) companies like Jabil continue to leave the UK market, Dynamic EMS continues to grow as one of the largest contract manufacturers in the region. The company reported 6% growth in revenue over the past financial year with a positive outlook for future growth. In a recent interview with WNIE, Managing Director John Dignan unveils strategies that have led to the company’s success.

Operating from a 43,000-sq. ft. facility in Dunfermline, Scotland, Dignan starts by highlighting the company’s commitment to serving its regional OEM base with quick turnaround solutions from design to delivery. “We have learned from those who [could] not meet the market conditions [as] overseas suppliers due to time-zone variances and language and culture differences, that there is a need for manufacturing to be in close proximity to the customer and/or the end-user,” Dignan explains.

To evolve with the demands of the UK electronics supply chain over 30 years, Dynamic EMS also changed its business model from providing basic quote models for OEMs to supplying end-to-end services with quick turnaround. At its New Product Introduction (NPI) facility in Dalgety Bay, Scotland, the company connects with local universities, start-ups, investors, and incubators to meet product certifications and standards, particularly as products trend toward digital and connectivity solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT).

"The U.K. market is truly hungry for the technology capable, innovative, and flexible manufacturing partner [to offer] total end-to-end solutions that let them differentiate with innovation." says Dignan. “[At the Dalgety Bay location,] we have established solid relationships and connections throughout [a] powerful network… to accelerate business growth for the future.”

As a privately operating company, Dynamic EMS has been able to base its strategies on the needs of its regional customer base, rather than on the health of the stock market. When many EMS companies sold or closed their businesses between 2007 and 2014 due to market uncertainties surrounding electronics manufacturing offshoring, Dynamic EMS focused on its secured customer base and local resources to stay open.

“Many Tier I and Tier II global providers [were] selling or closing their production facilities during this time,” he says. “[But because we were] known in the industry for the work we carry out in the aviation, communications, energy, industrial and medical markets, we [could] focus our energies on markets that share unique and challenging characteristics, such as high complexity and high-level configurability in a low-to-medium volume production environment.”

Dynamic EMS continues to invest in manufacturing resources and engineering capabilities surrounding the needs of its regional customer base. Its status as a privately operating firm, along with a presence in a dynamic location, will allow it to supply globally competitive solutions to OEMs in the UK for years to come.

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