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Supply Chain Technology

IBM’s Latest Blockchain Solution Targets Global Supply Chains

The company invests in blockchain as a way for industries to directly record encrypted transactions in a public or private ledger without having to pass information through a ...
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Supply Chain Technology

Micron Unveils its New 3D Flash Memory Product for Industry Apps

Micron’s 5200 series SATA SSD with 64-Layer 3D NAND has the same architecture as the previous version, and integrates with the same controller to facilitate its replacement.
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Supply Chain Technology

Avnet Showcases New IoT Hardware, Software Solutions at CES 2018

Following the launch of its new IoT services suite in December and ConnectIoT platform in January, Avnet reveals new partnerships and initiatives aimed toward driving innovation...
Courtesy of Keysight Technologies. Keysight Technologies offers MMICs across DC, microwave, and gigahertz bands.
News & Trends

RFMW Signs Distribution Agreement for Broadband MMICs

By adding broadband MMICs to its distribution portfolio, RFMW can deliver power-saving solutions to customers looking for fast-switching and high-frequency transmitters.

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Supply Chain Technology

Chip Supplier Reports High Revenues Driven by Apple Watch Series 3

A revenue report from an Apple SiP supplier indicates growth in Apple Watch 3 orders for 2018, thanks to the device’s new capabilities as a trendy wearable.
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Supply Chain Technology

NAND Flash Memory Market to Take a Turn Fourth Quarter

With flash memory prices reaching record highs in 2017, forecasters predict prices will drop in the first quarter of 2018, especially as the market shifts toward 3D NAND.
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Supply Chain Technology

Iron Mountain Adds IT Disposition Services to its GSA Schedule

Adding SITAD services to its GSA Schedule 36 will let Iron Mountain assist government-agencies with disposal of their IT equipment. This will add this to their other services,...
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Supply Chain Technology

Could Raw Metals Come up in Shortage Amidst Battery Boom?

Researchers investigate how raw metals like cobalt and lithium are sourced for ultimate use in lithium-ion batteries. They determine which materials could lead to bottlenecking...
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Supply Chain Technology

Partnership Extends Blockchain Finance Solutions to Customers in the Supply Chain

OpenText and BlockEx join forces to offer blockchain solutions for clients conducting business within the supply chain. The platform will store transactions in an open ledger ...
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Supply Chain Technology

An e-Invoicing Standard Rises in Europe

Developed by the Forum for Electronic Invoicing Germany, ZUGFeRD allows data to be structured in an XML file and then exchanged in a PDF format for easy extraction and processing...