Digital Transformation: Working with Business Leaders

July 26, 2023
Wilmer Companioni, Director of Business Development sits down with Tony Powell, author and Co-Founder & CTO to discuss the critical impact of business process when implementing digital solutions.

Are you curious about the intersection of digital capabilities and business operations in the electronics industry? In this video, we discuss something many businesses have learned the hard way - digital technology, as fantastic as it is, can't just exist in a vacuum. It's got to serve a purpose and deliver value. And in the business world, that purpose is to make your processes more efficient, quicker, and ultimately more profitable.

However, we often see that people get so excited about the technology that they lose sight of what they're trying to improve - the business process itself. In the book "Digital Transformation in the Electronics Industry", we hold a magnifying glass over this opportunity, dissecting it to help you avoid falling into the same trap. The key takeaway from our discussion? It's all about the balance - while technology can boost your business, it should never overshadow the primary goal, enhancing your business processes.

To learn more about digital transformation in the electronics industry, we encourage you to visit and discover the book "Digital Transformation in the Electronics Industry." This in-depth guide offers valuable insights into the industry's evolution, challenges, and emerging opportunities. Register to access select content, or consider purchasing the ebook or printed edition to complement your professional library. 

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