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Mouser Launches Engineering Challenge

Feb. 27, 2015
Mouser Electronics Launches a Webinar and Challenge Series with Celebrity Engineer, Grant Imahara.

Mouser Electronics is partnering with Mythbuster’s Grant Imahara to produce a series of Webisodes and web challenges in the “Empowering Innovation Together” program, in an effort to share and explore innovations in engineering. Imahara is an animatronics engineer who has worked on projects for the movies Star Wars, The Matrix, Terminator, and Jurassic Park. He has built battle robots for the TV show BattleBots, the Energizer bunny, and the R2D2 shell. In the webinar series, the search is on to find all types of engineers to talk with Imahara about their projects and the way engineering influences all aspects of life, media, medicine, and so forth, according to Mouser.

“It’s all about making engineering fun,” says Imahara in his first Webisode at Carnegie Melon University’s Robotics Program in Pittsburg, Pa.

Imahara’s charisma and intellect make him a good personality and interviewer for the Webinars, and Mouser provides the newest products and technologies for engineers, the distributor adds. Along with exploring the robots at Carnegie Melon, Mouser and Imahara ask that anyone from the engineering community share photos of their robots in the Empowering Innovation Challenge to empower innovation around the world. Engineers will receive prizes for the coolest robot, based on the idea that gets the most votes online. The robotics challenge is also sponsored by Texas Instruments, Molex, and Panasonic. The next topic of the challenge and webinar will be presented as the series progresses.

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