Avnet Electronics Marketing VP to Give Keynote at Interlog 2014

June 17, 2014
Senior VP Lalit Wadhwa will be addressing the Interlog 2014 Conference June 23-25 by giving the keynote. 

Lalit Wadhwa, senior vice president of Avnet Electronics Marketing, will deliver the keynote presentation “Leveraging a Single View of Supply Chain and Standardized Metrics Framework to Drive Supply Chain Performance Improvement” at the Interlog 2014 Conference.  The senior VP of the Avnet, Inc. operating group will address the difficulty of balancing supply and demand in manufacturers’ aftermarket supply chain when manufacturing and consumption are regionally disaggregated during the June 23-25 conference in Rancho Bernardo, Calif. Interlog 2014 will focus on attaining visibility and flexibility in the global aftermarket and service parts supply chains.

Additionally, Wadhwa will host a roundtable discussion to provide further detail on his keynote. Wadhwa and his team at Avnet Electronics Marketing help Avnet customers transport their supply chain from one part of the world to another, across multiple sites. 

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