John Simpson

John Simpson is a Denver-based writer who has variously covered the energy, manufacturing, and finance industries.

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Supply Chain Technology

5 Ways That Millennials Will Shape Tomorrow's Supply Chains

Their mobile connectedness and advanced networking skills help to enable effective supply chain management.
Sarma Pisupati
Supply Chain Technology

Coal By-Products Could Help Drive Sustainable U.S. Rare Earth Production

The innovations could help enable the U.S. to reclaim part the REE production market that has largely been ceded to China over the past two decades.
Connected Car
Supply Chain Technology

Tech Companies Shake Up Supply Chains in Growing Connected Car Market

Car manufacturers are being joined by companies from outside the automotive sector to supply components and systems for both connected and autonomous cars.
Rankings & Research

Strong Demand in Electronic Components Expected Through First Half of 2018

Surging demand and shrinking inventories are causing an increase in lead times.

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Rankings & Research

2017 Source Today Salary & Career Report

Electronics procurement professionals enter the new fiscal year with generally bright salary prospects amid a strengthening economy. Expected total compensation for 2017, as reported...
Processing of manganese ore
Supply Chain Technology

Responsible Minerals Sourcing Moves Beyond 3TG

Concerns over social and environmental impacts of mining raise scrutiny.
Business accounting
Supply Chain Technology

Inefficient Purchase-to-Pay Processes Cost Businesses 6,500 Man-Hours Annually

Inefficient Purchase-to-Pay Processes Cost Businesses 6,500 Man-Hours Annually