Carlos Gonzalez

Technical Editor

Carlos M. Gonzalez joined Penton Media Group in 2015. He achieved a B.S. mechanical engineering at Manhattan College and a M.S. in mechanical engineering at Columbia University. Prior to working for Penton Media, Carlos worked at Sikorsky Aircraft in their Hydraulics and Mechanical Flight Controls department; working on their S76D commercial and the Navy’s CH-53K aircraft programs.

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Who Manages the Robots? Introducing the Chief Robotics Officer

A new role appearing in the upper management world is that of the chief robotics officer. These individuals are in charge of the launching, implementation, and running of robotics...
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How to Overcome Mechanical Obsolescence and Not Letting It Get You Down

Jonathan Wilkins, marketing director at obsolete industrial parts supplier EU Automation, explains everything you need to know about obsolescence management.
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AI Poised to Disrupt Any Market It Can

The industrial automation, robotic, and tech markets will all be affected by artificial intelligence. Adoption is low, but at a tipping point, as investment has tripled in recent...
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Does Tesla’s New Electric Semi Truck Make Sense?

Adding to its electric-vehicle fleet, Tesla unveiled its new Semi truck designed for cargo hauling across the country. While an impressive feat, is it a practical next step in...