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Feb. 15, 2022
Q&A with Luke LeSaffre, Chief Revenue Officer, Fusion Worldwide

1. What has been the impact of the supply chain shortages and other pandemic-related issues on Fusion Worldwide’s revenue growth in 2021?

The current supply chain shortages and pandemic-related issues have been extremely favorable to Fusion Worldwide’s revenue growth in 2021 – nearly doubling it from CY20 to CY21. However, the shortages and pandemic-related issues aren’t the only contributing factors that have resulted in our progress. In 2021, we continued our global expansion and doubled the number of customers sold to across the Americas, APAC and EMEA. We now have 20 locations and have opened two new offices in Shenzhen and Paris, as well as a warehouse location in Singapore, and we have plans for more locations to come in 2022. The places wouldn’t count for much if we didn’t have the talent to fill them, which has led to a 40% increase in our workforce worldwide.

2. What do you expect in terms of Fusion Worldwide’s revenue growth in 2022?

Given current trajectories, our growth outlook is positive. Doubling our revenue again may be hard to achieve but the conditions remain favorable for our business. This is largely due to the significant investments in our infrastructure that will allow us to keep the arrow pointing up on our overall growth. An additional 30% growth on our 2021 number is within reach.    

3. What is the most significant business opportunity for Fusion Worldwide in 2022?

The climate of today’s market is likely to bring about long-lasting changes in how our customers manage their supply chains. We believe that Fusion Worldwide’s wide scope of supply chain services lend themselves to support our customers’ changing needs to buffer disruption when the inevitable supply chain shocks occur. While the short- to medium-term outlook is focused on assisting customers confront the current constraints, the long term is where we leverage our 20 years of industry expertise. This includes a vast network of vendors and strategic partnerships, as well as a keen eye on market intelligence and trends that impact customers.

4. What is the most significant risk Fusion Worldwide faces in 2022?

Strong demand has been a major factor in driving the market conditions that have been so advantageous for the better part of 2021, but it has also added a significant risk because this type of demand is likely temporary.

Fusion Worldwide, like many other companies, will continue to navigate the ebb and flow of the global economy, which by extension effects the state of demand. For example, COVID-19 will remain a threat and the debt crisis in China looms large to disrupt global supply chains, which simultaneously impacts the economy. This presents considerable risk to our business.

5. Which end market segments (automotive, aviation, communications, computing, industrial, military, etc.) do you think will provide the strongest growth opportunities in 2022 and beyond?

We experienced massive growth from the automotive industry in 2021. We expect this growth will continue throughout 2022 as the trend toward electrification continues and overall semiconductor application across various industries takes off concurrently with technological advancement. Meanwhile, computing has been a mainstay of our business historically. While we saw a modest dip in this segment in 2021, both in absolute terms also relative to other segments, we expect to see it rebound in 2022.

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