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Executive Perspective, Mouser Electronics

March 25, 2021
Mark Burr-Lonnon is Mouser Electronics’ senior vice president of Global Service & EMEA and APAC Business.

What advice do you have for purchasing agents and customers at this time when the economy is starting to recover but there are supply chain challenges?

Never has it been more important to buy from an authorized distributor. Purchasing professionals know the benefits of doing business with Mouser, with our efficiencies, security and conveniences. We are a Top 10 global distributor and have everything for a buyer’s bill of materials (BOMs). With around $850 million of inventory from over 1,100 leading brands, in stock and ready to ship, we are well-positioned to help a vast array of existing and new engineers and buyers.

Whether a customer is buying online or through one of our customer service representatives, we have the professionals and procedures in place to ensure an effective and efficient supply chain, free of counterfeit or grey market products. Some sources are very limited in their component offerings. With Mouser, customers can source their entire bill of materials from us. It’s easy, one-stop buying.

How has the coronavirus affected your organization?

Like all businesses, we have adapted our operations to meet the challenges. Mouser was designated an essential infrastructure business and has remained fully operational at all 27 of our locations worldwide since the beginning of the global pandemic in 2020. The Mouser team is working diligently to provide the worlds broadest selection of electronic components, in stock and available for immediate shipment.

What is your outlook for the remainder of 2021?

We are very optimistic. Whilst the pandemic still has a big effect on manufacturing globally, we are seeing strong signs of growth in all regions—especially with the need for components (due to shortages) and the increase in new design and innovation. The use of electronic devices and systems is strong worldwide, and we are still shipping hundreds of thousands of components weekly. The biggest challenge currently is keeping up with demand, as well as supply from our manufacturers, which is increasingly constrained.

How do you see the coronavirus affecting the industry as a whole? 

Product delivery lead times and shortages on certain components have become an issue due to the shutdowns, and now with strong increase in demand. Our focus on new product introductions is a key driver for our business and is what sets us apart in the industry. This provides our customers—particularly design engineers—an edge by avoiding costly redesigns, speeding their time-to-market and providing a longer lifecycle.

How would you rate your company’s supply chain ability to react and respond to this and other disruptive events?

The rating would be very strong. Our employees have shown tremendous resourcefulness over the last year. All Customer Service and Technical Support teams are fully available by phone, email and chat. Our team members at some locations are still working remotely.

In 2020, despite the global pandemic and economic downturn, we experienced record growth in revenue; we added over 70 new manufacturer partners and we saw an increase in our number of customers. It’s a testament to the great dedication and teamwork at Mouser.

What are the key technology drivers will fuel growth ahead in 2021?

The digital revolution is accelerating, and the expansion of IoT will continue to fuel the global need across all industries for semiconductors and electronic components. We expect 5G, artificial intelligence, robotics, industrial automation and transportation to continue to be major drivers in the industry.

Mouser specializes in the newest products and we stock the widest inventory in the world, with over 1.1 million unique part numbers in our warehouse today, ready to ship. We are seeing new sensor technologies from our manufacturers, as well as the latest in power management and, of course, advancements in microprocessors. Automotive, factory and home automation also will continue to be emerging markets as more technologies are introduced to make buildings, homes and vehicles smarter and safer.

What are you doing to prepare for growth ahead?

Last year, we completed a major expansion at our 1 million square-foot global headquarters and distribution center in Texas, where we added a new customer service center and additional state-of-the-art automation.

We are proud to have the largest installation of Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) in North America, a testament to our belief in working smarter. We have 55 VLMs in operation and are in the process of adding 47 more by summer 2021. VLMs—essentially giant vertical filing cabinets—can store up to 120,000 parts, helping our distribution teams greatly expedite orders for our 630,000 customers worldwide.

Mouser is strongly poised for the digital future with our industry-leading website, available in 63 country subdomains, 20 languages and 34 currencies. Over half of our business today comes via the internet, so we continue to expand with search enhancements, buying tools and technical resources for buyers and engineers.

We listen to our customers and try to meet their needs, staying nimble.

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