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CES 2023 Connects the Dots Between Tech and ESG

March 6, 2023
Sustainability was the name of the game at CES 2023, where a record-breaking number of attendees converged to see and experience the latest and greatest in electronics technology.

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An annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), CES is a place where vendors converge and showcase their latest and greatest innovations. Held in Las Vegas every January, the event attracted more than 115,000 attendees, 3,200 exhibitors and 1,000 startups, according to the CTA.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) played a leading role in this year’s show, where the core theme was focused on “Human Security for All.” For example, CES partnered with the United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security and the World Academy of Art and Science on a global campaign to foster food security, access to health care, personal income, environmental protection, personal safety, community security and political freedom.

“The products unveiled at CES 2023 tackle global issues such as access to clean water, food security, smart cities infrastructure, sustainable energy solutions, personal security and more,” the CTA says. “CES also featured the latest in accessibility tech, with innovation helping those in the disability community.”

Key Show Highlights

In case you missed it, some of the key highlights from CES 2023 included:

  • Automotive and Mobility: With some 300 vehicle tech exhibitors, CES 2023 was one of the largest auto shows in the world. Keynotes from BMW, John Deere and Stellantis and product launches from global companies focused on self-driving tech, electric vehicles and personal mobility devices for land, air and sea. 
  • Digital Health: The CTA says that CES 2023 brought more digital health innovations and brands to the global stage, showing how rapidly the market is growing. Innovations included digital therapeutics, mental wellness, women’s health tech and telemedicine.
  • Sustainability: Global brands like John Deere, LG, Samsung and Siemens showcased how innovation can conserve energy and increase power generation, create sustainable agricultural systems, power smart cities and support access to clean water.
  • Web3 and Metaverse: For the first time, CES 2023 had a dedicated Metaverse area on the show floor, highlighting groundbreaking sensory technology building immersive, interactive digital worlds. CTA says that a Web3 Studio, produced by CoinDesk, was the focal point of the Web3, Metaverse and Blockchain area at CES.
  • Startups: Eureka Park at CES featured 1,000 startups from countries, regions and territories, including Japan, Korea, France, Italy, Taiwan, Turkey, Hong Kong, Netherlands, U.S. and Ukraine. Technology included renewable paper solutions to reduce CO2 emissions; AI technology used to reduce food waste; solar technology to capture both electrical and thermal energy; personal safety apps; and more.

As evidenced by the record-breaking turnout at this year’s CES, the electronics industry continues to transform how we live and work. “CES 2023 showcased the sustained growth and demand for electronic components fueled by the many exciting trends and innovations on display,” says Fernando Spada, chief marketing and revenue officer at Orbweaver.

“As demand for electronic components continues to explode,” Spada added, “there will be a growing need for modernization and expansion of the supply chain capabilities to capture the growth CES 2023 highlighted and the significant changes that are taking place.”

Sustainability is the Name of the Game

According to a Futuresource Consulting report, sustainability was a key theme for exhibitors at CES this year. It says that global electronics makers like Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Sony and others “illustrated their commitment to reduce or avoid CO2 emissions.” Samsung and LG opted to use CES as a launchpad for their 2023 TV-sets, with both focusing primarily on screen technology, for example, while LG also displayed a wireless OLED TV.

Futuresource sees responsible manufacturing and management of product lifecycle—including recycling and recovery of components at the end of a product’s lifespan—as the key drivers behind these efforts. Reduction in electricity usage is another common goal, it adds, given that consumers are now seeking more energy-efficient products.

“Initiatives including Energy Star, plus the recent tightening of the EU Energy Label standards, mean that the significantly higher standards required to receive an A rating are challenging to reach,” the company explains. “This is giving manufacturers and research departments the impetus to keep on innovating for efficiency.”

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