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Rohm Buys Part of Panasonic’s Discrete Semis Business

April 30, 2019
ROHM recently announced the acquisition of a part of the diode and transistor business from Panasonic Semiconductor Solutions Company, a Group Company of Panasonic Corp. The transfer is scheduled for October 2019 with ROHM handling sales of these products to Panasonic’s current customers thereafter.

The deal covers bipolar transistors, built-in resistor transistors, JFETS, Schottky diodes, transient voltage supressors, Zeners, switching diodes and fast recovery diodes.

To ensure stable supplies to customers, Rohm said it will out-source production to Panasonic and maintain the current supply structure until the transfer is complete.

“Given the prospects of continuous growth in the automotive electronics, industrial equipment and other application markets, Rohm will be expanding its business in bipolar transistors, circuit protective Zener diodes, TVS diodes and other products. As a part of that, Rohm will invest in a range of business resources to strengthen product line-ups,” said Rohm.

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