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Mouser Launches Power Management Technology Site

Feb. 8, 2016
Distributor adds information to help design engineers stay up-to-date on the latest advances in power management technologies; plus news from PEI-Genesis and Avnet.

Mouser Electronics launched a new Power Management Technology site designed to give engineers easy access to information on the latest technical advances in power management technologies. The site is part of a growing selection of Applications & Technologies pages at and offers a range of resource materials, including articles and videos on power management design as well as the newest regulators, MOSFETs, passives, and related components available from the distributor.

The technology portion of the site is divided into five categories:

  • The Overview provides a general explanation of power supplies and their main components.
  • Voltage Regulators reviews the overall purpose of the components and further examines the types of voltage regulators.
  • Switching Regulators looks at the importance of efficiency in using switching regulators in switched-mode power supplies (SMPS).
  • MOSFETS and Discretes details the importance of external MOSFETs, gate drivers, and rectifiers in power supplies.
  • Passive Components discusses the capacitors, transformers, and other passives that complete power management systems.

The site also includes a featured products section, articles page, and technical resources section that lists videos, application notes, and white papers that discuss device selection and system considerations when designing power management systems.

In other distributor news, PEI-Genesis announced the addition of Amphenol’s high-performance industrial connectors A Series, Ecomate, and Ecomate RM series to its product line up.

The A Series, Ecomate, and Ecomate RM are heavy duty, high performance connectors designed for demanding industrial applications. They are ideal for use in heavy equipment, factory automation, agricultural, military, transportation, machinery, and power generation environments.

And on the Internet of Things front, Avnet, Inc. announced the addition of the Agate IoT Solution to its product offering.  The Agate IoT Solution is a family of integrated kits designed to lower the cost of long-life connected gateway and network edge device development for OEMs. The solution brings together the hardware, software, and services needed for next-generation IoT applications.

“Avnet’s Agate IoT Solution empowers customers by leveraging Avnet’s diverse ecosystem of suppliers with best-in-class hardware, software, and service offerings to create a fully integrated connected gateway development solution,” said John Salemme, vice president and general manager of Avnet Embedded. “And the multiple I/O options give customers peace of mind knowing they will have the compute performance they need today, and for years to come, even if unexpected application workloads are added.”

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