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Mouser’s Mission to the Moon

April 30, 2015
Newest Empowering Innovation Challenge has engineers competing for a chance to be immortalized in space.

In the Empowering Innovation Together (EIT) program, Mouser Electronics, Inc. and celebrity engineer Grant Imahara seek the input of today’s engineers and tech enthusiasts in a series of web competitions.

The campaign recently announced its newest endeavor, the Space Challenge, which calls on engineers to submit a persuasive summary explaining which technology they believe has the most influence on today’s society and advancement. The winners of the Space Challenge will have the opportunity to participate in the first Astrobotic commercial mission to the moon. The grand prize winner gets their name, photo, and winning essay sent to the moon in a Moon Capsule as part of Astrobotic’s MoonMail program.

Participants have until June 5 to submit their materials and to vote for their favorite entry. More than 20 entries had been received as of late April; the first 200 entries win a free tee-shirt. The public can vote for their favorite submissions and two out of the top six will be chosen by Imahara as the winners.

The Space theme is incorporated into the challenge with the very first Moonmail launch. EIT also features Innovation Hub editorials and Innovation Spotlight webisodes that highlight advances in space exploration and exhibitions to Mars and the moon. In the webisodes, Imahara hosts a series of interviews top scientists and innovators in space exploration.

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