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Avnet Introduces Alternative to Chip-Down SoC

Sept. 9, 2014
Avnet Electronics Marketing now offers PicoZed and PicoZed Carrier Card, which allows designers to go between Zynq 7010, 7015, 7020, and 7030 All Programmable SoC devices in a pin-compatible footprint.

Avnet Electronics Marketing has released its PicoZed and PicoZed Carrier Card. Part of its System-On Modules (SOMs) based on the Xilinx Zynq -7000 All Programmable SoC, PicoZed allows designers to migrate between Zynq 7010, 7015, 7020, and 7030 All Programmable SoC devices in a pin-compatible footprint. The PicoZed Carrier Card gives the necessary interfaces and access to user I/O from the PicoZed SOM. PicoZed is intended for industrial control, embedded vision, test and measurement, motor control, and software-defined radio applications. The device allows designers to get to market faster by the Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC sub-system.

PicoZed has the common functions needed to support most SoC designs, such as memory, configuration, Ethernet, USB, clocks, and power. Additionally, it provides access to more than 100 user I/O pins through three I/O connectors on the back of the module. The connectors can access interfaces for Ethernet, USB, JTAG, power, and other control signals, with GTP/GTX high-speed serial transceivers on the Zynq 7015 and 7030 All Programmable SoC models. These models are a superset of the Zynq 7010 and 7020 All Programmable SoC versions, having an additional four transceiver ports to the I/O connectors.

PicoZed Card Carrier (Courtesy of Avnet)

The PicoZed Card Carrier allows for connector interfaces for the on-module Gigabit Ethernet PHY and USB PHY, and supports common processor system interfaces like a microSD card slot and USB-UART port. Included is an HDMI output port, a second Gigabit Ethernet port, and several peripheral module connectors—with many of the PicoZed’s programmable logic I/O available through a Low-Pin Count (LPC) FMC connector.

Jim Beneke, vice president of global technical marketing at Avnet Electronics Marketing, describes what sets PicoZed apart: “The scalability in being able to go from a lower density, transceiver-less 7010 to a higher density, transceiver-based 7030 Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC opens the door to some creative options for designers.” 

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