When the Chips are Down, Strong Partnerships Prevail (.PDF Download)

Feb. 28, 2022
With the semiconductor shortage showing no immediate sign of abating, electronics buyers are forming stronger bonds with their sources of supply.

The semiconductor shortage hasn’t been kind to anyone, and it’s been especially hard on the OEMs that make the chips, the distributors that sell them and the end-users that need them to make their own products. This entire supply chain has been negatively impacted by a trend that was boiling under the surface pre-pandemic, came to a head in 2021 and has yet to show any real signs of abating.

“Persistent global shortages have made it exceedingly difficult to secure chips, which has caused widespread disruption in virtually every production environment, from vehicle manufacturing to electronic assembly,” Leanna Kelly writes in “Global Semiconductor Chip Shortage Update. “Originally caused by COVID-19-related supply chain disruptions, the problem persists under a lopsided supply and demand battle.”

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