Using Tech to Build More Resilient Supply Chains (.PDF Download)

Oct. 20, 2021
A new survey finds that most companies are using the same materials management business practices that they were five years ago, long before the global COVID-19 pandemic turned their supply chains on end.

The global pandemic has taken a toll on the world’s supply chains and the situation isn’t expected to ease anytime soon. With nearly all Fortune 100 companies seeing supply chain disruptions from COVID-19, it’s clear that few—if any—organizations were able to avoid the pandemic’s wrath. Even those that may have made it through 2020 relatively unscathed were then met with an onslaught of supply chain disruptions that have yet to let up.

As they work to right the ship and plan ahead, procurement professionals are playing a dual role as “fixers” of the immediate issue and “strategic thinkers” who are helping their organizations develop more resilient supply chain strategies for the future.

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