Verizon Gets Deeper into Robotics and Drones (.PDF Download)

Aug. 2, 2021
Communications giant starts new division focused on expanding enterprise solutions for aerial and ground robotics.

As more automation makes its way into our daily lives, companies across the spectrum are throwing their hats into the ring and exploring the role that robotics, drones and other automated equipment can play in the future of work and life. From Amazon’s fulfillment co-bots to UPS’ drone delivery service to IBM’s artificial intelligence-enabled Watson robot, the examples are proliferating across the business landscape.

Verizon became the latest company to get into the robotics and drone game with the formation of its new Robotics Business Technology division. According to DRONELIFE, the communications company has been taking an increasing role in the drone industry since it acquired drone management company Skyward in 2017. 

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