Cybersecurity: A Top Supply Chain Concern (.PDF Download)

May 21, 2021
With several high-profile attacks taking place over the last few months, companies are rethinking their cybersecurity approaches to avoid potential breaches.

The Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack was just one in a recent series of cyberattacks on the world’s organizations and governments, and a definite wake-up call for any organization that hasn’t thought seriously about cybersecurity in a while.

Even with the ongoing pandemic, supply chain shortages and persistent labor gaps all keeping procurement leaders up at night, the need for strong cybersecurity protocols and procedures remains high. According to The Economist, more than one-third (36%) of global organizations reported cyberattacks “significantly” disrupted their supply chains in the last three years. And cyberattacks were second only to COVID-19 as the force wreaking havoc with the world’s supply chains in 2020. 

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