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John Pallazola

CEO/Managing Member
A 1987 graduate of Tufts University, John started in supply chain management in 1989. Over the years he gained an expertise in excess management, kitting and inventory control. He was the first to create the EPIC (Excess Placement and Inventory Control) supply chain management system. In 1995 he started a new division of a small start-up (MGI) which was acquired by Azego. That became the basis for one of the only publicly traded independent distributors in the world. He eventually attained the position of VP/Director of Pan-American Operations prior to branching off and starting Earthtron LLC. Utilizing Inbound Marketing and EPIC, EarthTron attained the
 Fastest Growing Companies list in 2012.

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The Hitchhiker's Guide on How to Buy FPGA

FPGAs can be reprogrammed, have a shorter lead time, and have lower non-recurring engineering costs compared to other options; the main drawback is the price tag.