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Supply Chain Technology

Scaling IoT Hurdles

Supply chain companies recognize the value of the Internet of Things, but many struggle to find the best ways to invest in and implement new technologies.
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Supply Chain Technology

Industry Outlook: A Challenging Yet Promising 2016

It’s a good time to be a buyer of electronic components, as distributors and manufacturers step up their IoT capabilities, improve service levels, and broaden product offerings...
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Supply Chain Technology

Battling Flat Industrial Market Conditions

Flat power-transmission numbers make for more work, value-adds as suppliers await uptick in certain industrial sectors.
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Supply Chain Technology

Suppliers Await Stability in Oil & Gas Markets

Oil exploration’s roller coaster is still a wild ride for industrial distributors and others serving oil and gas industry customers.

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Supply Chain Technology

Making Strides in Medical Markets

An aging population creates greater demand for medical devices—and an attractive new market for industrial distributors.
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Supply Chain Technology

Experience, Service Pay Off for Motion-Control Distributors

Motion-control technology providers are following a successful 2014 with a steady 2015, emphasizing service and training options for customers at all levels.
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Supply Chain Technology

For OEMs, Value-Added Services Still Rule

Suppliers cite slowly growing demand for online ordering capabilities, but point to staples such as personalized service, fabrication capabilities, and fast delivery when it comes...
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Supply Chain Technology

OEM Channel Responds to Slower Growth

A harsh winter and ongoing economic concerns add up to slower business conditions for OEM suppliers.
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Supply Chain Technology

Fasteners Go High-Tech

Today’s focus on delivering a quality-engineered product has industrial suppliers stepping up their service offerings.
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Supply Chain Technology

Fluid Power Markets Hold Promise in 2015

Value-adds, engineering services contribute to distributors’ anticipated strength across all markets.