Joe Nowlan

Joe Nowlan is a contributing editor to Global Purchasing, covering distribution, purchasing, and supply chain issues. He was an associate editor for Industrial Distribution magazine, where he wrote about the unique relationships between manufacturers and distributors and their related industries. As a freelance writer and editor he also covers the lighting and electrical distribution industry as well as other supply chain issues. A graduate of Boston College, Nowlan is also the author of two mystery novels: “Media Blitz” and “The Zyratron Affair.” 

Recent Articles

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Supply Chain Technology

Industrial Firms Seek Innovation, IoT Solutions

Slow oil and gas exploration market forces industrial companies to focus on new technologies—especially IoT.
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Supply Chain Technology

From LEDs to Smart Lighting

As LEDs become commoditized, suppliers re-vamp their strategies toward smart lighting solutions that help customers create more advanced, efficient products and systems.