James Carbone

Freelance Writer

Jim Carbone is a freelance writer covering the electronics supply chain. A veteran journalist, Jim was a writer and editor for Electronics Purchasing and Purchasing magazines for 21 years. He covered electronics distribution, semiconductors, passive components and connectors for the magazines. He also wrote extensively about the strategic purchasing strategies of electronics OEMs and electronics manufacturing services providers. Before covering the electronics industry, Jim worked as a reporter and editor for United Press International for nine years. He started his career as a newspaper reporter and photographer. Jim is a graduate of the State University of New York at Albany.

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Look for Discrete Chip Lead Times to Shrink and Prices to Decline in 2019

Suppliers are adding capacity, which means 30-week-plus lead times for discrete semiconductors will eventually drop to the 12-week range.
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Supply Chain Technology

Chipmakers Boost Spending on New Semiconductor Equipment

The investments will lead to a 10-12% increase in semiconductor capacity.
Dynamic random-access memory
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DRAM Prices Set to Fall

DRAM tags could fall by more than 60% next year, with additional capacity ramping up later this year and in 2019, and demand remaining steady.
Supply Chain Technology

Expect Near-Term MLCC Shortages, Higher Prices

Multilayer ceramic capacitor manufacturers are adding capacity, but it won’t be enough to reduce supply constraints until 2019 at the earliest.

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Tariffs on Chinese Semiconductors Could Slow Chip Industry Growth

Industry associations say new 25% protective tariffs on semiconductors and other products made in China are counterproductive and don’t address intellectual property issues.
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Semiconductor Capex Could Hit Record $100 Billion in 2018

Chipmakers are aggressively boosting capital expenditures, boosting capacity and supply.
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Expect Silicon Wafer Tags to Rise Through 2019

A lack investment in new capacity and robust demand has resulted in tight supply and quarterly price increases for silicon wafers.
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Power Management Chips to See Healthy Demand, Stable Prices

9% annual increases in unit demand won’t be enough for suppliers to justify price increases.
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LCD Prices and Revenue will Drop

A migration to AMOLED displays in smartphones and other electronics equipment will result in a decline in the thin-film transistor LCD market.
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SRAM Tags Stay Mostly Steady as Market Declines

While the SRAM market has been declining for years and many SRAM manufacturers have left the market, the memory chip is still needed in industrial equipment and medical systems...