Dale Ford

Dale Ford is a highly respected industry analyst with extensive experience producing award-winning market research. He brings expertise in technology trends, competitive analysis, forecasting ,and supply/demand research of the electronics, semiconductor and electronics components industries. His focused research delivers enhanced visibility on the products, technologies, and players shaping the electronics value chain.

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Electronica 2
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Electronica 2018 by the Numbers

The world’s largest components trade show continued its growth, boasting amazing breadth and depth of coverage.
Supply Chain Technology

Infineon Acquisition of Siltectra Enables Key SiC Advance

A new technology for splitting SiC wafers will double the yield per wafer.
Supply Chain Technology

U.S. Import Data Reveals Impact of China Tariffs on Electronics Value

Currently in excess of $5 billion, this figure could potentially grow to $9.4 billion.

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industry and Internet of Things
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TTI Builds on its Foundation of People

The company’s focus on people, quality, and inventory has spurred dramatic sales growth.
5G network wireless systems and internet of things
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5G Forecast to Drive $1.3 Trillion in Media Revenue

What does this projected 10-year boom mean for electronics?
Supply Chain Technology

Has True Security Moved Beyond Reach?

Major China hardware hacking allegations have placed the electronics supply chain in a quandary.
Alexa Connect Kit
Supply Chain Technology

Amazon Moves Up the Supply Chain

The company is leveraging its Alexa intelligence to penetrate the smart home and beyond.
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GlobalFoundries Highlights Path Forward as Moore’s Law Ends

The chip manufacturer is shifting focus beyond geometry shrinks.