Rob Press

Press is a content marketing manager at Deputy, a robust scheduling software that can be used to manage your workforce in a wide variety of different industries. Aside from helping businesses reach operational efficiency, he keeps up to date with the latest trends in SaaS, B2B and technology in general.

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Supply Chain Technology

5 Emerging Tech Trends Revolutionizing Warehouse Operations in 2024

Warehouse management is experiencing a revolution with cutting-edge HR tech trends that are reshaping operations.
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274150142 Inkong Boutchalern Dreamstime
Supply Chain Technology

Human-Robot Partnership: What the Workforce of the Future Warehouse Will Look Like

Warehouses and supply chain management have traditionally been labor-intensive, with a focus on manual processes. However, a new era is dawning that incorporates human-robot partnership...
Supply Chain Connect
Innovation Desination Article

Quick Chat: 5 Problems in Warehouse Operations and How to Solve Them

We cover some common problems faced in warehouse operations as well as how to address and solve them in this Quick Chat episode. The key to success is management’s ability to ...
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272597755 Dragoscondrea Dreamstime
Thought Leadership

5 Problems in Warehouse Operations and How to Solve Them

Employees are the central pillar of warehouse operations, and management’s ability to preempt employee problems as well as implement solutions is the difference-maker for success...

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Thought Leadership

Steer Clear of Warehouse Management Pitfalls

Avoid these five underlying management mistakes to keep things running smoothly.