Miloš Petković

Miloš Petković

Coming from: European Union - Slovenia, a small but incredibly beautiful country in the heart of Europe.

Position in the company: Co-founder and CBDO Authtrail

Past experience: +18 years of management experience in different industries such as Automotive, Manufacturing, and IT both for Medium-Sized and Large Corporation companies. Founder of 2 startups in Europe. In 2007 he founded and built a web company selling e-gift coupons and sold it in 2013, in 2011 he co-founded a video making company and made exit in 2014.

Entrepreneur by hearts and minds and enthusiast over new technologies, always seeking to build and reach new heights; from an idea to a successful business and exit, from one team member to great regional team. Father of 2 who loves to sail, travel, and discover new countries. 

With a new startup Authtrail, using blockchain technology they would like to help manufacturing companies unlock business potential using trusted data. More than ever market demands enhanced product safety, trust, and reliability of the product. With Authtrail service, the manufacturer can easily aggregate, verify, and share protected data and documentation in order to bring transparency and trust into the business partnership.