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Author Bio: JENIS SHETH Digital Supply Chain Consultant | Market Researcher | Trend Watcher | Critical Thinker | Sales Enabler | T&L Futurist | Influencer in Supply Chain | Supply Chain Analyst A dynamic Transport & Logistics enthusiast and a SCM professional offering 15+ years of experience of conceptualization, identifying, evaluating & delivering impressive bottom-line results in supply chain tech. Produced a continuous stream of organizational development and innovative solutions to the business of IT Product & Solutions; conceptualize and implement effective business strategies. Demonstrated strong management skills during several complex projects. An effective communicator and influencer who also embraces ideas and perspectives & eagerly collaborated with diverse ideas. As an enterprise strategist & prolific writer, Jenis focuses on the changing face of enterprise technologies. His research is designed for the early adopter seeking first mover advantage. Connect him on LinkedIn.

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Touchless Fulfilment
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Touchless Fulfilment & Shipping

The transportation & logistics industry founded newer ways to go touchless during this pandemic. We reside in truly strange times. If some say in the past that 5+ billion people...
Digital Twinning Of Supply Chains
Supply Chain Technology

Digital Twinning of Supply Chains

It’s an inevitable part of every supply chain in this era to have dynamic, real-time simulation and process optimization on hand before any changes are required, therefore minimizing...
Supply Chain Technology

Dawning of A New North American Trade Era

New perspective for growth of North American economies.
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Supply Chain Technology

Broadening Viewpoint of Logistics & Supply Chain Tech Trends

Emerging technologies will improve the use of automation within the supply chain, among other benefits.