Digital Transformation In The Electronics Industry

From the Book: Digital Transformation in the Electronics Industry

June 7, 2023
Digital Transformation: Stages of Success

Going digital in the electronic components and manufacturing industry can be a big step. In this video, we discuss how to handle large digital change projects and what you need to keep in mind to ensure these projects work out well.We break down the process of going digital into manageable steps.

The goal is to start with a problem that your group is currently facing, assess the current situation, and then keep an eye on progress as changes are made. This approach will help ensure that the digital tools you introduce actually make things better.

We'll also touch on why it's so important to set clear goals before starting a digital project. Clear goals can keep your project on the right path and prevent unexpected results. Getting these goals in place right from the start can keep everyone focused and make the whole process of going digital clearer. So join us as we go through these important points and share some advice on how to succeed in your digital journey.

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