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Q&A from SIGMA

Sept. 28, 2022
The company weighs in on market trends and supply chain challenges.

1. What new market trend are you seeing so far in 2022?
Up to now, the semiconductor shortage is still the current situation of the electronics industry. However, previously there was a shortage of various types of chips, but now there is more of a structural shortage. Such as, consumer chips are oversupplied due to the downturn in the consumer electronics market, but automotive, industrial chips still boom for a long time.

2. How are the supply chain shortages impacting your business and its customers?
"Semiconductor shortage" is the biggest challenge facing the electronics industry in recent years. For the distribution industry, it means the unpredictability of the supply chain, which will lead to some electronic components can not be delivered to customers as scheduled; At the same time, customers will also be unable to produce products due to these components shortage.

However, chances always go with challenges, with a large number of reserves of high-quality supplier resources, SIGMA TECHNOLOGY INC can search for components in stock around the world, and quickly hand over to customers through efficient logistics channels to make them resume normal production.

3. What other challenges are you working through and how are you overcoming them?

With the intensification of the global semiconductor shortage, more and more counterfeit electronic components have emerged in the market. Counterfeiting not only costs the industry billions of dollars, but it can also be fatal consequences especially in the automotive and medical industries.

In this case, SIGMA TECHNOLOGY INC stands out among the same type of distributors with its systematic quality management, which is also the key for SIGMA to maintain long-term competitiveness in the industry. “Quality First Philosophy, qualified products and professional service are what SIGMA defines for quality.”

4. Where do the opportunities lie right now and how is your company leveraging them?
In the context of slowing global economic growth, despite the sluggish demand for electronic consumer products, new economic industries such as electric vehicles, new energy, Internet of Things and other fields have driven the demand for electronic components. Therefore, SIGMA will further target the local market segment, actively expand key customers and customize a specialized business model.

In addition, while the huge domestic market is exciting, overseas markets are also indispensable. Since its establishment, SIGMA has been actively deploying overseas markets, showing a strong international competitive advantage among Chinese distributors. In the future, SIGMA will further expand overseas markets and lay a foundation for future products and services to go global.

5. And, what do you see ahead for the rest of the year (any new trends, challenges, opportunities, etc.)?

During the rest of the year, we are still closely following the market trend, actively developing key customers in the fields of automobile and industrial at home and abroad.

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