There’s No Such Thing as the “New Normal” for Supply Chain (.PDF Download)

Nov. 2, 2020
Here are the three key areas that Gartner says supply chain leaders should focus on as they emerge from the pandemic and prepare for the future.

The coronavirus pandemic has put chief supply chain officers (CSCOs) under pressure to adapt and prepare their networks for an uncertain future. In fact, Gartner says supply chain leaders should focus on adapting their strategies, investment and leadership styles to ensure long-term efficient growth.

“Companies that achieve long-term efficient growth over their industry peers during turbulent times, do so because they are better at protecting large, transformative growth bets across the business cycle,” says Tom Enright, Gartner Supply Chain’s vice president and analyst at the company’s recent Supply Chain Symposium/Xpo. “They avoid reactive responses to macroeconomic conditions and take advantage of uncertainty to break away from industry competitors.”