Examining Artificial Intelligence’s Role in Global Supply Chains (.PDF Download)

Oct. 12, 2020
When COVID-19 emerged, many companies found themselves at a standstill and unable to make on-the-spot supply chain decisions. According to a new report, AI on its own didn’t provide much relief.

A branch of computer science focused on building smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence, artificial intelligence (AI) has made its way into the mainstream over the last few years. From Google’s AI-powered predictions to the dynamic pricing algorithms that Uber uses to Siri’s voice-activated personal assistant capabilities, AI has become part of our daily lives (whether we know it or not).

In supply chain, AI is being used to forecast demand for products, manage autonomous transportation, improve routing efficiency and chat with customers online, among other things. And while Secondmind says that the adoption of AI to improve supply chain decision-making remains at a relatively low 12%, the use of AI in that context is growing rapidly.