Is the New EU Conflict Mineral Regulation Strong Enough? (.PDF Download)

April 5, 2021
In place since January, the new European Union law governing conflict minerals in the supply chain may need more “teeth” to produce positive results.

In politically unstable areas of the world, armed groups may use forced labor to mine minerals. They then sell those minerals to fund their activities, for example to buy weapons. Known as “conflict minerals” the tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold (aka, “3TG”) obtained from those mines may find their way into the electronics supply chain.

In January, the European Union’s new law meant to stem the trade of conflict minerals went into effect. Meant to stop conflict minerals and metals from being exported to the EU; prevent global and EU smelters and refiners from using conflict minerals; and stop mine workers from being abused, the law also supports the development of local communities in politically unstable areas of the world.

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