Supply Chain Professionals Want More Resilience (.PDF Download)

Feb. 17, 2021
A new report finds that 87% of supply chain professionals want to put money, time and effort into bolstering supply chain resilience.

Facing unprecedented disruption and continued uncertainty, supply chain professionals are ready to put more effort and investment into improving their organizations’ resilience. Defined as a supply chain’’s ability to “be prepared for unexpected risk events, responding and recovering quickly to potential disruptions to return to its original situation or grow by moving to a new, more desirable state in order to increase customer service, market share, and financial performance,” resilience has taken on a new meaning in the COVID world.

“The COVID-19 crisis has exposed massive vulnerabilities in the global supply chain,” Michael van Keulen writes in DigitalCommerce360. “It has also shed light on the need for organizations to have complete visibility into their business spend and more agility in the procurement process.”

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