Advanced Technology’s Role in the Vaccine Supply Chain (.PDF Download)

Jan. 28, 2021

Frustrations surrounding the slow COVID vaccine rollout are mounting right now, and the reports that some of the vaccine is going to waste (i.e., when left at too-high temperatures during distribution) aren’t helping to assuage these concerns. While the world’s pharmaceutical companies, logistics providers, carriers and health care providers align and work out these kinks, some organizations are looking to advanced technology for help.

In From blockchain to big data and IoT, tech is speeding up vaccine supply chains,” ZDNet highlights one company that is developing an app that will improve the management of inventory and resource allocation for the vaccines. The goal is to fix glitches in the vaccine supply chain using products like the CovidTracker app, which enables patients who want to get vaccinated to register for an appointment at the correct vaccination center, and to manage their booking digitally, from changing their slot to scheduling a time for their second injection.

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