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COVID-19 Is Speeding up Industry Digital Transformation

May 20, 2020

By JONATHAN WHITESIDE on Supply Chain Digital

Due to the rapid industry changes facing so many businesses today, the digital transformation is on the fast track to possibly becoming our new normal. As businesses change to adapt, they are finding new productive ways to get the job done in these uncertain times.

“The digitalizing of operational processes has been on the radar for companies of all sizes for a while but has usually landed in the ‘we’ll get to it eventually’ column,” according to Jonathan Whiteside Principal Consultant at Dept in the UK. “Businesses would talk about live chat or automating end-to-end operational processes but, ultimately, would decide not to go ahead, since they couldn’t justify the internal change impact to support it. But now, new processes are being implemented overnight; businesses have already adapted and rely on the technology to facilitate the changes.”

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