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The IP&E Market Drives Growth in the Broader Electronic Market in 2024

June 11, 2024
The foundation of the electronics industry is underpinned by the critically integral interconnect, passive and electromechanical parts category.

Electronic components are made of many different electronic parts. Despite their diminutive size—and in some cases, because of it—these parts are integral to the function and performance of the products they make up. In fact, the very foundation of the electronics industry is underpinned by the development of these tiny electronic parts. Among them, the interconnect, passive and electromechanical (IP&E) category is both fundamental and critical.

Here are the three different product groupings that make up the IP&E family of parts:

  • Interconnect parts are the basic components that electrically interconnect wires, cables and components in electronics and electrical systems. Some examples of interconnect parts include connectors, wires, cables and circuit boards.
  • Passive devices have electronic components that don’t need a power supply to operate. Instead, these devices can only “passively respond” to electrical signals, not intercept or alter them. This group of products includes resistors, capacitors and inductors.
  • Electromechanical components are used to manufacture and assemble electronic products. They include motors, relays, transformers, filters and contactors.

All three of these product groups play important roles in our daily lives. With the increasing popularity of portable and patient-wearable devices, for example, demand for connectors in the medical market continues to grow. And with home appliances adding even more convenience and quality to our everyday lives, many of those products now use solid-state relays that support better energy conservation, compactness and smart functionality.

Building Blocks of the Industrial World

Here are some other ways that IP&E components are being used in industrial settings today:

  • Industrial automation. These components are the backbone of automated manufacturing processes. They ensure precise control and efficient operation of everything from robots to production equipment to assembly lines.
  • Transportation and infrastructure. IP&E electronics serve as the underpinning for our modern transportation systems and ensure smooth operation of traffic lights, autonomous vehicles and railway signaling systems, among other functions.
  • Renewable energy. With more governments, organizations and individuals using solar and wind energy, the need for IP&E components to convert and manage the flow of electricity generated from these renewable sources is growing exponentially.
  • Power generation and distribution. IP&E components ensure the reliable and safe delivery of power to homes and businesses by regulating power plant voltage and managing the delivery of electricity across expansive grids.

IP&E Market Trends 

Demand for IP&E components continues to increase as more engineers and designers build these fundamental building blocks into their companies’ products. This follows a general positive sales trend for electronic components at large. According to the ECIA’s Electronic Component Sales Trend (ECST), the index currently stands at 100.8, effectively tipping the scales in favor of growth (100 is the threshold between growth and contraction).

“It has been 21 months since the overall sales sentiment index topped 100,” explains Dale Ford, ECIA’s Chief Analyst. “The longer-term outlook presented by the [survey] delivers more positive news for the electronic components industry. In Q1 2024, the overall net index score delivers a positive 1% outcome. The best part of the quarterly survey is the outlook for Q2 2024, as positive energy sweeps across the market and delivers a net positive score of 33%.”

The ECIA says the market growth was largely driven by the sale of passive components and electromechanical/connector components. This upward momentum is expected to continue, with projections showing a further 9-point increase, approaching a score of 110.

A Complete IP&E Portfolio

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