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Top 50 Electronics Distributors 2024 - DigiKey

May 17, 2024

DigiKey: From Humble Beginnings to Global Leadership

Headquartered in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, DigiKey is recognized as the global leader and continuous innovator in the cutting-edge commerce distribution of electronic components and automation products worldwide. As an original pioneer in this space, DigiKey has been a key resource for engineers and procurement professionals for over 50 years. Today, DigiKey provides more than 15.3 million components from over 2,900 quality name-brand manufacturers with an industry-leading breadth and depth of product in stock and available for immediate shipment.

DigiKey is a multi-billion dollar company that employs more than 5,000 people globally, delivering an average of 25,000 orders per day to customers in 180+ countries around the world. With a strong background of serving as a critical partner for companies around the world, DigiKey had humble beginnings in 1972 as a small mail-order company selling leftover parts for a digital electronic keyer kit (the Digi-Keyer). Today, they are recognized as a global leader in the distribution of electronic components and automation products worldwide. This year, the company is creating more exclusive partnerships with suppliers, adding additional digital tools and resources to its website, and recently announced that it has officially registered as an Importer of Record in Japan. All of these new developments will allow the organization to meet and exceed customers’ expectations more efficiently.

DigiKey is proud to be widely recognized as the leader for:

  • Availability of products
  • On-time delivery
  • Overall performance
  • Engineer-friendly website
  • Customer service

DigiKey accelerates progress for every designer, buyer and builder with a wide variety of tools and digital solutions to make innovation easier. Beyond the products that drive technology innovation, DigiKey also delivers frictionless interactions to move people towards next-generation solutions, business growth and operational efficiency.

DigiKey continues to find creative ways to enhance its offerings and services to maintain high customer and supplier satisfaction. For example, DigiKey has invested in more robust and predictive web search functionality, higher inventory levels and increased automation in its warehouse, which all benefit customers by providing an easy and efficient research, shopping and delivery experience.

DigiKey is investing in innovations, including automating the cutting of tape and reel products and the production of DigiReels to improve the consistency and quality involved in splicing leaders and trailers to cut tape. These innovations and others result in delivering more products and services within the ecosystem, providing customers around the world with even more reasons to make DigiKey their first stop in the design process.

DigiKey’s Marketplace is a single source for all aspects of technology innovation, including bare PCB boards, automation and control, test and measurement, IoT solutions and virtually all things related and adjacent to technology innovation, all through a singular shopping experience.

DigiKey is always developing new ways to make it easier for customers to engage digitally, including localizing their experience in markets around the world with local language, currency and support, as well as fast shipping times, in order to remove barriers for global customers.

DigiKey is looking forward to the innovation of its customers that will come in 2024 and is excited to enable the world’s ideas. Learn more at www.digikey.com.

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Additional Information
President/COO: Dave Doherty
Company Headquarters: Thief River Falls, Minnesota
2023 Global Sales: $4,200,000,000
2023 North American Sales: $2,400,000,000
Locations: 13
Employees: 5000+
Founded: 1972

Where You Can Find Us

701 Brooks Ave S
Thief River Falls, MN 56701