Top 50 Electronics Distributors 2019 - #23 Sourceability

April 24, 2019

About Us
Sourceability is a global technology company and hybrid distributor of electronic components that provides innovative solutions for a traditional marketplace. Sourcengine, one of our premier innovative services, is a leading marketplace e-commerce platform within the electronic component industry. In line with our “Lift your Expectations™” mission, we focus on offering traceable components from our wide range of global suppliers through a worldwide network of warehouses. We represent top tier components manufacturers while enabling partner franchised distributors within our e-commerce marketplace.

Why Sourceability?

  • Quality Control & Logistics
    • All our distribution centers implement on-site inspection and testing capabilities under industry standardized warehouses
  • Sales
    • Our global sales team offers custom supply chain programs and technology solutions to help our customers streamline their supply chain
  • Information Technology
    • We specialize in ERP integrations and the development of digital supply chain tools
  • Sourcengine
    • A global e-commerce marketplace and supply chain OS specifically built for the industry and your technology provider for digital supply chain solutions

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Additional Information
President/CEO: Jens Gamperl
Company Headquarters: Doral, Florida
2018 Sales: $162 million
Locations: 16
Employees: 275
Founded: 2015

Where You Can Find Us

8880 NW. 20th St,
Doral, FL 33126
Email: [email protected]