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Top Electronic Distributors 2016 Listing

March 31, 2017
SourceToday is proud to publish its fifth annual Top 50 Distributors 2016 list, compiled from nomination forms submitted during February and March.

 Each company in our list is ranked according to its total global sales volume, and all figures are reported in U.S. dollars. We used self-reported data from each company and verified the information against annual reports and earnings statements, where possible, as well as in follow-up interviews with some of the companies at the top of the list.

1.  Avnet INC.                                                    
4.  Future Electronics                                   

5.  Macnica Inc.

6.  TTI INC.                                                  
7.  Electrocomponents PLC/Allied Electronics

8.  Digi-Key Electronics                             

10.  Mouser Electronics                                      

14.  Fusion Worldwide                              

15.  America II Electronics                        

16.  Sager Electronics                               

17.  PEI-Genesis                                        

18.  Master Electronics                              

26.  Steven Engineering                            

27.  RFMW LTD.                                         

29.  Symmetry Electronics Corporation        

34.  Crestwood Technology Group               

35.  SMD

36.  Arco INC.

37.  Air Electro INC.

38.  March Electronics