Top 50 Electronics Distributors 2022 - #10 Fusion Worldwide

May 18, 2022

The Fusion Worldwide Advantage: The Future of Electronic Component Sourcing

About Us
Fusion Worldwide is one of the world’s largest independent distributors of electronic components and finished goods. Headquartered in Boston, Mass., the company has 25 locations with over 400 employees spread across the globe. This includes quality hub locations on three continents – North America, Europe and Asia. The company continues to grow by opening facilities in strategic locations while maintaining a focus on emerging markets and expanding quality services.

Solving Supply Chain Shocks with Strategic Sourcing Solutions

Fusion Worldwide is a trusted partner that solves supply chain challenges for customers by being a one-stop-shop for sourcing and support. Fusion Worldwide helps their clients proactively navigate sudden weather events, geopolitical tensions, prolonged lead times, price increases and other supply chain shocks.

The Fusion Worldwide team does this through customized, value-added solutions to optimize supply chains, and to reduce risk and inefficiencies. Some of these solutions include managing global logistics, supplying market intelligence, providing shortage sourcing and handling excess management.

In addition to these services, Fusion Worldwide is expanding its quality initiatives. In February of 2022, the company acquired Prosemi, Singapore’s largest test house. This makes Fusion Worldwide the first independent distributor to partner with a third-party test house. Prosemi brings 22 years of expertise in turnkey projects for the semiconductor industry, CEMs and OEMs.

Integrating a third-party test house bolsters Fusion Worldwide’s commitment to putting the customer first. The ability to perform services in-house will improve lead times, reduce reliance on outsourced testing and expand capacity to store inventory. The expanded suite of services includes tape and reeling, baking, solderability and programming. Partnering with Fusion Worldwide now means that clients receive the quickest turnaround time and highest quality possible.

Together, Fusion Worldwide and Prosemi have over 45 years of industry expertise. This combination of Prosemi’s people and processes in partnership with Fusion Worldwide will assist in addressing current and future supply chain shocks.

Keeping the Customers’ Vision First
Fusion Worldwide was created to partner with clients and help them negotiate the semiconductor industry through tailored solutions. A key aspect of their success is being informed on everything happening within the market and being prepared. Over its 21-year history, Fusion Worldwide has built a vast network of global suppliers that allows them to find the components their customers need, when they need them.

Fusion Worldwide’s product portfolio includes integrated circuits, storage, memory, CPUs, passives, finished products and much more. Fusion Worldwide understands that the expansive number of verticals they support each require their own customized plan. They are always attuned to the demands of each industry, so they can provide the best service possible.

Continuously Raising Quality Standards
Quality is a given at Fusion Worldwide, which is why the company is process-driven to guarantee customers receive the same high level of quality with each shipment. Fusion Worldwide has a vast portfolio of certifications and memberships, which they are constantly expanding to meet the needs of their consumer base.

At the Core of Fusion Worldwide
Fusion Worldwide is a trusted sourcing partner that always puts the customer’s vision first. Their success is driven by a collaborative global structure and devotion to constantly raising the bar. They have already set the standard for quality within the semiconductor industry, and Fusion Worldwide remains dedicated to continuing to enhance their reliable service and innovative solutions.

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Additional Information
President/CEO: Peter LeSaffre
Company Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts
2021 Sales: $2,498,768,000
Locations: 25
Employees: 448
Founded: 2001

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