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Top Industries Served by Distribution

Sept. 20, 2021
The new SourceToday reveals the top industries that distributors are serving in 2021.

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When procurement professionals need essential news, information and analysis about the technology and business trends that impact their global supply chains, they come to SourceToday for that information.

That’s because we understand the speed at which global business moves and the complexity of the challenges today’s procurement professionals face. SourceToday covers key trends pertaining to component suppliers and distributors, as well as to original design manufacturers and electronic manufacturing services providers.

We cover the topics for managing short-term, tactical risk, including the latest product news, market and economic trends, and counterfeit and security issues. We also cover strategic issues of critical importance to CPOs, such as the implications of new technologies like IoT, artificial intelligence and 5G as they impact management of the supply chain.

Who’s Selling What to Whom?

To learn more about SourceToday’s readers, we surveyed the top distributors to find out which industries they serve and what percentage of their sales come from each of these sectors. For most, the largest sectors include military and defense, aerospace, automotive, communications/cellular, industrial and medical (in no specific order).

Additional sectors that distributors work with on a regular basis include communications/cellular, aviation, test equipment, Ics/semi, smart home, consumer, medical, computers/networks and data center.

From the survey, we also learned that some distributors prefer to work with a more diversified customer base. Many of the companies that fall into this category have 5+ different industries that they work with on a regular basis. In other cases, distributors like Chip 1 Exchange, a Global Distributor of Semiconductor, and electronic components, have been leading the automotive industry with more than 65% coverage.  

The Whole Gamut

As the survey proved, SourceToday’s distributors cover the whole gamut when it comes to supplying electronics and industrial goods and services to customers worldwide. The most popular industries are aerospace, industrial and military/defense.

Just a few distributors deal in test equipment, aviation, data centers and Ics/semi, and only one serves the telecommunications sector. Others have carved out their niches by serving customers in the automotive, communications/cellular, computers/networks, consumer, medical and smart home sectors.

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