Siemens Building Technologies Deploys Mentor’s SystemVision

Oct. 4, 2016
The multi-discipline collaboration environment lets designers explore concepts and investigate architectures of systems developed for energy-efficient building systems.

Siemens Building Technologies has deployed Mentor’s SystemVision product with Siemens printed circuit board (PCB) to design teams. The SystemVision multi-discipline collaboration environment lets designers at Siemens Building Technologies explore concepts, validate performance specifications, and investigate architectures of systems developed for modern, energy-efficient building systems.

According to a Mentor press release, these systems are comprised of electrical (analog, digital, and mixed-signal), mechanical, embedded software, and controls.

Teams from Switzerland, France, China, and the U.S. save design time by validating electrical circuits within the context of the mechanical systems with which they interface, before committing to the PCB layout. Using a central library that contains all the information required for design capture, simulation, and PCB design, provides a seamless design flow.

At its headquarters in Zug, Switzerland, the Siemens team worked with the Mentor Graphics team to configure and test the new solution, and then train the worldwide designers to use it. Designers now draw one schematic in Mentor’s DxDesigner environment for PCB design and use that same schematic in SystemVision for simulation and in the Xpedition flow for layout.

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