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MEMS Sensors Are Enabling Smart Devices and IoT Applications

March 30, 2017
As cost-effective miniaturization improves, MEMS-based sensor business is growing.

Micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) sensors are in the early life-cycle growth stage, with positive increase in demand from most of the end users, including the automotive and Internet of Things (IoT) markets, according to new research from Reportbuyer. With cost-effective miniaturization becoming a reality, a variety of sensors have been developed based on MEMS technology. These include pressure and vibration sensors, accelerometers and gyroscopes, and radiation and temperature sensors.   

Sensors are being integrated into diverse applications, including industrial vibration monitoring devices, virtual reality gaming devices, airbag deployment, vehicle stability enhancement systems, and personal, vehicle, and aircraft navigation systems. Accelerometers based on MEMS technology are highly sensitive and have fail-safe performance in extremely critical applications such as airbag activation and vehicle stability within the automotive end user, the research firm reports.

Reportbuyer says there are 15 sensors based on MEMS that are used in diverse applications within various vertical end-user markets. They include both standalone and single-parameter monitoring to combined sensors monitoring more than one parameter. Accelerometers and pressure sensors are the largest revenue generators for the MEMS sensors market.

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