Mouser Launches Open Source Hardware Technology Site

Feb. 26, 2014
Microsite offers information on the latest open source hardware boards and accessories, adds to distributor’s growing network of applications and technologies resources

Mouser Electronics has launched a new microsite dedicated to Open Source Hardware (OSHW) technology. The site offers the latest information on OSHW boards and accessories, including BeagleBone, Arduino, Netduino, STMicroelectronics Nucleo, Texas Instruments LanchPad, and the Intel Galileo.

Mouser’s OSHW site is the newest in the distributor’s line of application and technology microsites, covering everything from automotive applications to wireless mesh networking. Mouser now offers 25 specialized online application and technology resources.

The new Open Source Hardware technology site features schematic diagrams, technical details, and compatible expansion boards for the most common OSHW boards.

“This new site is project oriented, allowing developers to easily sort and select parametric data for the desired board requirements of their particular project,” Mouser said in a statement announcing the site launch. “Parameters include processor type and speed; number of analog and digital inputs; wireless options including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth; USB ports including host, client, and/or OTG; video connectivity; and more. Detailed documentation and links to supporting software for each board are available for fast, direct download. Accessories such as BeagleBone Capes, Arduino Shields, and other compatible add-on hardware for each board can be compared and selected for a given project.”

Videos, white papers, technical articles, and other resources are available on the site as well.

The site is available at

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